How do I filter positions or activity in a specific account?

By default, if no accounts are selected, the platform will display all positions and activity, and displayed with their corresponding color-coded account dot. But what if you have more than one account and want your platform to display only the positions and orders associated with that account? Well, the solution is just a few clicks away!

Note: Highlighting an account in the accounts pane is NOT equivalent to switching your default trading account. If you wish to route trades through a specific account, please click here to learn how!

Instructions to filter Positions or Activity

Highlighting the account will only filter your positions and activity

  1. Sign in to the tastyworks downloadable platform.
  2. Open the Positions tab or Activity tab.
  3. If you do not see your accounts in the top pane below the symbol quote, mouse to the top right-hand corner of the platform and click the “down” arrow immediately to the right of “Accounts”: . If you have more than three accounts and wish to view the lower entries, just scroll down within the accounts pane. You can also expand your account pane by hovering your cursor on its bottom border and expanding it down by clicking and dragging. The lower entries in your accounts list will now be visible. 
  4. Mouse over to the listing for the account you want to display positions and orders for exclusively and click on it. The entire account line will highlight white, and the positions and orders within that account will be displayed exclusively. You can also choose to display the positions and orders for multiple accounts by clicking to highlight more than one account. If no accounts are highlighted then the platform will display all positions or activity.
  5. To revert from displaying positions and orders exclusively for one account and return to viewing positions for all, just click the highlighted account(s) in the accounts pane again to un-highlight.