iPad Platform Overview

We are proud to announce the official launch of the tastytrade iPad application! Now you can hold one of the fastest, most reliable, and most secure trading platforms in the world right in the palm of your hand. Keep up with what's going on in the market, manage your positions, and set up new trades all on the tastytrade mobile iPad.

Positions Tab and Watchlist Toggle (Landscape Mode)

You can navigate to the positions tab by clicking on the bottom leftmost icon. Here you can view all of your open, working, and closed positions. Filter your positions by-product, symbol, or ascending/descending values. Additionally, the capital requirements window can be opened by tapping on the CAP REQ button in the top right corner.

Picture of positions tab with button and filter labels

While viewing the positions tab, or any other tab on the Ipad application you can also pull up the preset and personal watchlists. Tap on the fullscreen button in the top right corner of the application to expand or collapse the watchlist window.

Animation of expanding and minimizing fullscreen

Trade Tab and Order Entry (Portrait Mode)

The only available layout on the trade tab is the classic table mode. Queue orders with the strategy selector tool, or individually click the bid/ask of the strikes you wish to open. You can also filter expiration types, and the number of strikes listed under each expiration. Table columns can be adjusted by tapping on the top header name and selecting a different value (bid/ask columns cannot be changed).

Picture of trade tab with labels

Activity Tab (Portrait Mode)

The activity tab follows the same look and feel as the other tastytrade platforms. Recent trading activity can be filtered by account number, order status, symbol, and date. Orders can be modified, duplicated, or canceled through the activity tab. Tap and hold to select a specific order.

Picture of Activity tab

Chart Tab (Landscape Mode)

The chart tab offers a large display of data on a minute or 5-minute aggregation. Activate the chart crosshair to get exact pricing data. Note that studies and different chart candle types are currently unavailable.

Picture of Chart tab with labels

History Tab (Portrait Mode)

In a similar fashion to other platform history tabs, you can quickly filter previous transactions and transfers by symbol, date, and transaction type. You can find more details here

Picture of History tab with labels