Dashboard Overview

The tastytrade Web and Desktop Platform display an informative dashboard on startup. Within the tastytrade dashboard users will find a daily chart tracking SPY, account overview and historical net liq, market news, and some resourceful watchlists. See below for more information on each area of the dashboard. 

Market Snapshot

The Market Snapshot graph is a daily chart (EST) for the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) updated in 10 minute intervals. The orange line represents the most recent data point. 

Market Snapshot in Dashboard

Account Overview and Historical Net Liquidating Value

In the top right of the dashboard, users can toggle between open accounts to view the useful pieces of information listed below:

  1. Account selector
  2. Historical Net Liquidating Value
  3. Historical Net Liquidating Value time frame
  4. Account balances and profits/losses

Account Overview and Historical Net Liq in Dashboard

Note: If there are any updated customer agreements the client must review and agree to, they will see this notice in the Dashboard.

Top News

The Top News section of the dashboard offers new and topical news across all industries. News is provided by Reuters (via Refinitiv) and updates on an hourly basis. Users can refresh articles by clicking on the refresh button in the top left of the news section. 

Top News in Dashboard

Preset Tasty Watchlists

tasty Earnings: Stocks with earnings within the next 7 days, listed in the S&P 500 or Russell 2000, have 3-star liquidity rating or higher, and have an IV Rank of 35 or higher.

tasty Dividends: U.S. companies that have increased their dividends for the past 25+ consecutive years.

tasty Fast Movers: Stocks that are experiencing fast price action. Stock price must be between $10-$500, has options available, IVR of 35 or more, and weighted according to a proprietary combination of volume, intraday, and daily swings. Populates each trading day starting at 8:45am CT and updates at the top of each hour until 4pm CT.

tasty Watchlists in Dashboard

Exit the Dashboard on Desktop

When you open the dashboard on the desktop platform you can exit and close the window at anytime by clicking on the minimize button in the top left of the window. 

Exit Dashboard on Desktop Platform

Reopen the Dashboard on Desktop

To reopen the dashboard on the desktop platform, navigate to the top left of the platform and click on dashboard. The Dashboard popup window will populate in the center of your screen. 

Reopen Dashboard on Desktop Platform