Web Based Trading Migration Guide

Welcome, web traders! We are very excited to introduce you to our new Web Based Trading platform (WBT 2.0), and help you transition to the new layout and features. The Web Based Trading 2.0 is the ultimate culmination of our classic web based platform (WBT 1.0) and our current desktop platform. This guide will primarily cover the similarities and differences between the two platforms and how to best transition to the new layout and features. If you are looking for additional details on the WBT 2.0 Platform, please reference the WBT 2.0 User guide and video found here.


Although it may be intimidating at first, the transition to WBT 2.0 is very manageable, especially for our users familiar with the desktop platform. The WBT 2.0 platform (my.tastytrade.com) will have a different URL than the WBT 1.0 platform (trade.tastytrade.com). You can still trade on both web based trading platforms at the same time.

Home Page                    

When you initially launch WBT 2.0, you may be thrown off by the fact that there is no longer a home page. Like the desktop platform, when you log into your tastytrade account on WBT 2.0, the browser will default to the Positions tab (previously named Portfolio). Although we plan to introduce an account summary window in the WBT 2.0 web navigation bar, there is no home page in its current iteration.  


Much like its counterpart, WBT 2.0 is built into several customizable and distinct panels. Each is labeled in numerical order below.

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  1. Web Navigation Header
  2. Left-panel Quick View Watchlist
  3. Middle-panel Primary Window
  4. Right-panel Symbol Overview and Details
  5. Navigation Panel and Account Selector

The navigation panel has stayed consistent between the two platforms. Just like WBT 1.0, users will find a panel on the far-left side of the platform. Here users can toggle between different tabs, such as the positions, trade, activity, or follow tabs.   

Platform Tabs

Portfolio Tab (Positions Tab)

To match our other platforms, the Portfolio tab is now named the Positions tab. On top of the new name, WBT 2.0’s positions tab has a new design that falls in line with our current desktop build. There will no longer be multiple position tab layouts, or account statistics at the top of the window. Additionally, position tab filters are available at the top of the positions tab under the active symbol details. Now you can filter by all product types, and also group the positions tab by order chains. The capital requirements window used to be hosted in the right-side panel, but now you can expand the capital requirements window by clicking on the button labeled E in the picture below.

WBT 1.0 Positions Tab

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WBT 2.0 Positions Tab

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Trade Tab

Significant design changes have been made to the trade tab to align WBT 2.0 with our desktop platform. Opening the trade tab will no longer result in a pop-up window. Instead, the trade window will be embedded in the middle panel. Additionally, the location of the order ticket and tools have been relocated to the bottom of the trade window. Just like WBT 1.0, there will be a dedicated options trading window, and an outright stock, ETF, and futures window.

WBT 1.0 Options Trading Window

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WBT 2.0 Options Trading Window

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What’s nice about this new options table design is that you will be able to pop out the right panel symbol overview at the same time you are trading on the table (no longer have to flick between pages on the trade tab). A big change is that the order ticket and trade details will all populate in the bottom of the trade window, just like our desktop platform. With WBT 2.0 you can:

  • Edit the number of strikes listed
  • Adjust trade table columns
  • Setup trades with the strategy selector tool
  • Drag and drop legs to different strikes (no longer have to use buttons to change strikes)
  • Filter by expiration type (weekly or monthly)
  • Adjust order ticket details
  • Expected move and Implied volatility on right side of expiration row
  • No longer view volume/open interest graphs on options chain
Curve mode is currently in construction and is not fully functional at this time.

The stock, ETF, and futures outright trading mode is available in both web based platforms. As of right now, the WBT 2.0 stock trading mode is still in construction, but you will be taken to the ‘single’ asset type to place outright purchases and sales.

Activity and History Tab

The activity and history tabs will now be located in two separate tabs. Previously you would find the history tab embedded within the activity tab, but in WBT 2.0, you will see they both have their own distinct navigation button. On top of spreading out the areas, we have cleaned up the filters so you can quickly scan through your transactions and activity. In WBT 2.0, at the top of the panel, you can filter by symbol, date, and order status. You can also right-click order to cancel, replace, duplicate, or place an opposite order in the activity tab.

WBT 2.0 History Tab and Activity Tab

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The Year-To-Date section will list your unrealized and realized losses for each symbol you have traded from the start of the year until the current date. You can also find the total commissions and fees paid across your accounts on the right side of the window.


Chart Tab

Something that was not previously available in WBT 1.0 is the main chart tab. In WBT 2.0, you can pull up a large chart in your primary window for the platform’s active symbol. Quickly change which symbol you are viewing by typing in the symbol search field or by clicking on a symbol in your left panel watchlist. In its current iteration, the chart is bare bones, and you can only change the time interval and period. We will be making improvements in future updates.


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tastylive Tab and Follow Feed

This will function the same as WBT 1.0, and you can watch the tastylive livestream while navigating through the platform. As of right now, there will be no videos listed in the WBT 2.0. The follow feed has a new condensed design to maximize visibility across your favorite traders. Click on the collapsible window in the bottom of the WBT 2.0 follow feed to select which traders you want to follow.

  1. Filter trades by a symbol
  2. Filter trades by date placed
  3. Filter trades by strategy
  4. Filter trades by type (e.g earnings play)
  5. Click on the expand button in the bottom right of the follow feed to select which traders you want to follow and unfollow.

WBT 2.0 Follow Feed

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Watchlist Tab (Grid Tab)

The Grid tab (in WBT 1.0) will now be named the watchlist tab. As of right now, WBT 2.0 only offers a list view with filters for earnings, IV rank, and more. To filter your watchlist by a specific column, click on the column's name, and you can sort in ascending or descending order.

WBT 1.0 Grid Tab

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The primary window watchlist is the main platform watchlist tab. Here you can view preset and customized watchlists and filter symbols by columns, earnings dates, IV Rank, and more. At the top of the tab is a plus button to create a new watchlist, a copy button, and then a delete watchlist button.

WBT 2.0 Watchlist Tab

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Account Summary and Selector

In the bottom left corner of the platform is the account balances window and account selector area. Balances such as Net Liq, P/L, and buying power will list for the active account selected. To select an account, double-click on the T-shield for the account you want to view and trade in. In the image below, the account ending in **87 is the active account. Click on Show More to go to the account management summary page.

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As of right now, there is no journal feature available in the WBT 2.0, and we may look to add something like this in a future update. 

Account Management

The account management window is an outstanding new feature currently unavailable on any of our other platforms. Much like the account management website manage.tastytrade.com, you will now be able to fund and make adjustments to your existing accounts within the WBT 2.0 platform.

If you are having any issues using the account management page, please use www.manage.tastytrade.com to complete those changes and transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I placing real trades, or is this simulated trading?

WBT 2.0 will be a live environment, meaning you will be trading with your real money and placing real trades in your accounts. We do not offer paper/simulated trading.

Can I still Trade on WBT 1.0?

While participating in the WBT 2.0 pre-launch phase, you will still be able to trade on the classic WBT 1.0 platform. Each platform will have a distinct and separate location, and the current version will not be replaced until the launch of WBT 2.0.

How do I place a stock order?

You can quickly set up stock order by clicking on the bid price to sell (short) and the ask price to buy (go long) anywhere the bid or ask price is listed on the platform. You can find the bid and ask price listed at the top of the middle panel, in the watchlist tabs, or right panel quote overview window. If you are still stuck, you can also place a stock order via the strategy selector tool at the top of the trade tab.


Feed Back and Support

There are three methods to provide feedback, comments, or issues.

  1. Take a screenshot (preferred): A portal will appear after capturing a screenshot where you can annotate the screenshot, supply a written description, and finally submit it.
  2. Email feedback@tastytrade.com: You can also email our tech team your feedback and comments.
  3. Call us at 888-247-1963 or 312-724-7075: if you experience any issues using the web platform version that requires our immediate attention.

When providing feedback, please be as detailed as possible, such as steps to recreate an issue so our development team can address it. Or, if you have general comments to share, you may email feedback@tastytrade.com.