Routing Orders in a Specific Account (T-Shield)

Users with multiple accounts can switch between default trading accounts with a simple double-click. Changing active accounts enables the user to create order tickets for a specific account without selecting it each time during order entry. Continue below to learn how to choose a default/active trading account in the desktop, web browser, and mobile platforms.


How to route orders in a specific account

Desktop Platform

  1. Expand the Accounts pane by clicking the down arrow if you do not see your accounts below the symbol quote. Do you have more than three accounts? Just scroll down in the accounts pane to view your other accounts. Also, you can expand the account pane by hovering your cursor on its bottom border and expanding it down by clicking and dragging.
  2. A T-Shield icon displays immediately to the right of each account number.
  3. To select a default trading account, double-click the T-shield icon, and it will toggle to white. 
Please Note: Highlighting an account in the accounts pane is NOT equivalent to switching your default trading account. Instead, highlighting your account acts as an account display filter. To learn more about this feature, then please click here.

Example from the Trade tab → Table mode

The account the order will route through displays in the order ticket after clicking Review & Send. You can change the account by clicking the Change Account dropdown menu or by clicking the T-shield icon in the Accounts pane, as illustrated below.

Location of the T-Shield in the Accounts pane and the Change Accounts dropdown menu during order entry.

Example from Trade tab → Active Trader

When using the Active Trader Interface, please make sure that you preset your default trading account by clicking the T-shield in the Accounts pane. The selected account will also display within the price channel on the Active Trader Interface. To learn more about the Active Trader Interface, please click here.

Location of the T-Shield in the Accounts pane and the displayed account in the Active Trader Interface.

Web Browser Platform

Your accounts are listed in the accounts overview menu, located along the bottom left of the web browser platform. Click the collapse menu button to view all of your accounts. Orders will route through the selected account.

Location of the accounts dropdown menu in the web browser trading platform.

Mobile Platform

Open the account details menu by tapping on the account in the top left corner. The account details screen will slide out from the left and display all of your accounts. Tap the account you want to trade from the list on the left side of the screen. You will then see a Tap to trade button on the bottom of the screen. After tapping, the active trading account will switch.

Animated example of the active trading account being switched.

Location of the T-Shield after selecting the account you wish to switch to.