How do I set a default Time-In-Force (TIF)?

Just like ordering eggs at breakfast, we all have our preferences, especially when it comes to how long we want our orders active. When it comes to trading stocks/ETFs or stock/ETF options, you have two default choices (Day & GTC) when it comes to how long you want the order to remain working. Currently, GTC orders are not available for futures or options on futures orders. By default, the platform will default Time-In-Force (TIF) to a Day order. However, if you want to set a different default TIF, then please follow the directions below.

To learn more about TIF and the difference between Day, GTC, and GTD orders, please click here.

How to set a default TIF 

Desktop Platform

To change your default TIF, click the gear iconlocated throughout the platform to enter the Settings menu. Once there, select the Trade module along the left-hand side and select the Order tab. Lastly, to choose a default TIF, click Default Order Time-In-Force.

To change your default TIF for Bracket Orders, click Default Bracket Order Time-In-Force.

Web Browser Platform

Click More, located on the top left corner to reach the Settings menu. Next, click Settings. Lastly, select Order Entry, and you'll see a drop-down menu for a Default Order Time-In-Force.

Mobile Platform

Tap the account in the top left corner of the app. The accounts detail menu will slide out from the left. Tap on Settings. Then tap on the box to the right of Default Order Time In Force to choose either Day or GTC (Good Til Cancel). Click through images below for details.