Web Browser Platform Release Notes

tastytrade Web Browser Updates November

Advanced Strategy Builder

Set up and customize trading strategies with our newly implemented Advanced Strategy Builder. Instead of scrolling through expirations and strike prices to find a trade that fits your strategy, you can now quickly set up a trade based on your preferred predefined metrics. With the Advanced strategy builder window, users can now visualize and set up a trade based on variables such as days until expiration, target ITM/OTM percentage, and width of strikes. To locate the strategy selector, first navigate to the web platform's trade tab. Next, at the top middle of the trade tab, click on the grey rightward-facing arrow to expand the strategy selector.

Location of Strategy Selector Drop-down

Once expanded, click on the strategy you wish to trade (highlighted in black) and then click on the SHOW ADVANCED button on the right of the window.

Location of Advanced Strategy Selector Window

Within the advanced strategy selector window, users can either type in a number or use the up and down arrows to adjust any trade metrics, such as days to expiration, target ITM/OTM percent, and strike width. Additionally, a graph of the strategy's profit and loss at expiration based on standard deviations will be displayed at the bottom. To enter the trade, click on the rightward-facing blue arrow in the middle of the window.

Advanced Strategy Selector Window

Non-standard (NS) Options Chains

Easily filter and manage deliverables related to Non-standard Options directly within the Trade table. To locate the Deliverables Filter, first, navigate to the Trade table in Table Mode for the underlying symbol with applicable NS Options deliverables.

Trade tab and Trade Table Location on Web Platform

The Deliverables Filter will appear between TRADE MODE and STRIKES if the underlying symbol offers NS Options. Next, click on the grey rightward-facing arrow to populate a drop-down menu that lists all available Deliverables (Standard and Non-Standard) for the corresponding underlying symbol.

Open NS Option Chain on Web Platform

tastytrade Web Browser Updates September-October

tastytrade's Web Browser platform has undergone several updates introducing many new features to the account management page as well as many other areas of the platform. Over the months of September and October there have been a few new features including the ability to save your chart settings, portfolio theoretical P/L Graph, and several minor UI/UX changes and bug fixes. 

Save Chart Settings

Great news with our recent updates to the web platform for users of the web-based platform on tastytrade! You can now save your chart preferences effortlessly. Customizing your charts to suit your trading needs has never been easier, allowing for a more personalized and efficient trading experience. Stay in control and optimize your trading strategy with this convenient feature. 


Theo P/L Graph  

A fan favorite has returned, the tastytrade web platform is introducing the P/L (Profit and Loss) graph. This dynamic addition brings your trading data to life, providing a visual representation of your potential gains and losses. Access this feature via the platform's positions tab, in the top of the tab near the positions tab filters, click on P/L.

tastytrade Web Browser Version 0.25.1 - 8/2/23

tastytrade Web Browser version 0.25.1 is a moderate release introducing several new features as well as a handful of improvements to existing platform functionality. This update notably adds quote alerts to the right side panel, custom grouping for single leg strategies, and beta weighted deltas.


  • Beta Weighted Symbol and Deltas (Positions Tab and Header) 
  • Single Leg Custom Grouping (Positions Tab) 
  • Quote Alerts (Right-side Panel) 
  • Quick Chart (Right-side Panel) 
  • Watchlists added to the Right-Side Panel 
  • Add symbols to a watchlist (left and right Panel) 

Account Management

  • Expiration Risk Monitoring (under My Accounts) 
  • IRA Internal Transfers (My Money -> Deposits/Withdrawals) 

Beta Weighted Delta

Beta weighting allows you to assess all of your positions relative to a move in the market (when weighted to SPY) or a specific symbol. In other words, it tells you the theoretical dollar move of your portfolio or position given a $1 move up in the underlying that you are beta-weighting to. When your beta-weighted delta is positive, then, in theory, your portfolio or position is positively correlated to the underlying. However, when your beta-weighted delta is negative, then it indicates that your portfolio or position is negatively correlated to the underlying. Web users can now beta-weight their portfolio and individual positions to a specific symbol on the platform's positions tab.   

  1. First navigate to the Web Platform’s Positions tab 
  2. Click on the beta-weighted delta gear icon and set a symbol 
  3. View beta-weighted delta for each symbol or individual position 

Beta-weighted Delta on Web Platform

Set a Beta-weight Symbol  

By default, the platform beta-weights your portfolio and positions to SPY. However, if you would like to beta-weight to a different underlying, navigate to the platform settings and you can type in a specific symbol/underlying.  

Beta-weighted Delta on Web Platform

Single Leg Custom Grouping 

Users can now set up custom groups for single leg strategies within the positions tab (in previous versions two legs was the minimum). 

  1. Make sure you have the “Group by” set to “Custom” 
  2. Left click to expand the position you want to group by 
  3. Right click on the leg and press “Group positions’ 
  4. Enter the name you would like to call the group and press “Group” 

Quote Alerts

Generate alerts when the bid, ask, or last price hits and surpasses your set alert price. Alerts are sent to your e-mail or via push notification if you have the tastytrade mobile app. Navigate to the web platform’s right-side panel and click on the bell icon. Within the alerts panel, you can set alerts on stocks, ETFs, and futures.  

Expiration Risk Monitoring 

Do you plan to trade or hold a day of expiration option(s) and want to have extra time to monitor your positions? You can request additional position monitoring time by informing our Risk team. Navigate to the Web Platform’s Manage tab. Next, under My Accounts -> Risk Monitoring you can submit a monitoring request for each of your accounts. To learn more, check out our help article here.  

tastytrade Web Browser Version 0.22 - 6/7/23

tastytrade Web Browser version 0.22 is a larger release introducing two great new features to the new Web Platform. Users can now customize position grouping in the trade window's positions tab, additionally users will also find a account overview header at the top of the platform. 

Custom Grouping

Wanting to customize how your positions are grouped? Now you are able to! We have added a new feature that will allow custom grouping of positions up to 4 legs. This will allow you to group shares, options, futures and options on futures into groups you wish to look at.

What can be grouped?

Any positions of the same underlying can be grouped on the platform together.

  • Shares and options
  • Options and options
  • Futures and options on futures 
  • Options on futures and options on futures

How to Group?

Within the Web Platform’s Positions Tab, users can now fully customize how they group their positions. Navigate to the Group By filter at the top of the positions tab and select Custom. Then left-click to select each leg you wish to group.  

Once all legs are selected, click on Actions in the bottom left corner of the window, and a grouping screen will populate. Type in a custom name and then click Group to complete.  

Account Details Header 

In the bottom left corner of the platform is the account balances window and account selector area. Balances such as Net Liq, P/L, and buying power will list for the active account selected. To select an account, double-click on the T-shield for the account you want to view and trade in. In the image below, the account ending in **87 is the active account.  

The account balance panel will also determine the active account listed at the top trading platform. Toggle between accounts by clicking on the T-shield icon. Clicking on the T-shield will make the account the selected default account when placing trades. This is where users will see their amount of day trades and also the balances tab.