Dots Covering my Account Number and Net Liq (Privacy Mode)

What is Privacy Mode?

We were all taught to share when we were children, but there are some things in life that aren’t meant to be shared. If you subscribe to this notion and are in a public place or are showing off your tastytrade platform to a friend then you can conceal your account number(s), portfolio net liq, and account type. Privacy mode displays a shortened account number and conceals the account’s portfolio net liq with dots.


Below are three examples of what your account will look like when Privacy Mode is enabled.

What Does Privacy Mode Look Like on the Platform?

Desktop Platform

Privacy Mode on Desktop Platform

Web-based Platform

Privacy Mode on Web Platform

Mobile Platform

How do I turn on/off Privacy Mode?

Privacy Mode within the desktop platform and web-based platform can be enabled/disabled by heading to each respective platform’s Settings menu. If Privacy Mode is enabled on the desktop platform then it will reflect onto the web-based platform, and vice-versa.

Desktop Platform

Privacy Mode settings on Desktop Platform

Web-browser Platform

Privacy Mode settings on Web Platform