Apply for Portfolio Margin (PM)

What is Portfolio Margin (PM)?

Access to greater leverage

Portfolio Margin allows customers with our highest margin account level, The Works, access to a higher amount of leverage. To learn more about the differences between a standard margin account and a PM account, please click here.

Please Note: Although PM allows for greater margin flexibility, increased levels of leverage can result in accelerated gains or losses.

What is the initial minimum to apply for PM?

Must have our highest margin account level, The Works, and have at least $175,000 initially

To initially apply for Portfolio Margin, you must have a margin account with our highest trading level, The Works, and initially have $175,000 in account equity to allow for a cushion from the maintenance minimum of $150,000 after enabling PM. Cash accounts and IRA accounts are NOT eligible for PM

If you currently have a margin account but do not have The Works, then you may potentially upgrade your trading level (if suitable). To learn more about upgrading your margin trading level, please click here.

What do I need to maintain a Portfolio Margin Account?

Must have at least $150,000 to maintain PM

PM disables when your end of day (EOD) net liq drops below $150,000. Accounts with an EOD net liq of $150,000 or less will receive a (PM) margin call the morning of the next trading day.

A brief word about futures positions

One thing to keep in mind is if you are holding futures positions overnight. The value of your futures account will NOT count towards the $150,000 securities minimum due to the way your futures account and securities account are handled (futures sweep).

PM Application Processing Times

Applications can take up to 5 business days

After submitting your PM Application in, you can expect PM to be applied to your account within 3-5 business days after submitting your PM Application. You will receive an email indicating when PM is applied to your trading account.

How do I apply for Portfolio Margin (PM)?

Log in to your account at>My Accounts>Trading Preferences

Individual, joint, international, and entity margin accounts with The Works may apply for PM by logging in to your account at . After logging in, navigate to the Manage tab -> My Accounts -> Trading PreferencesFor a shortcut, please click here.

Eligible Margin Account with The Works

Once inside Trading Preferences, select the margin account you wish to upgrade, then click ENABLE, as illustrated below.   

After clicking ENABLE, a PM application will appear, as illustrated below. Please answer ALL the questions in the questionnaire and click Agree at the bottom. The documents included do not need to be physically signed and submitted to tastytrade. When you complete the questionnaire and click AGREE, the button below will illuminate green.