How do I customize my Account Header Detail?

Where can I view my Account Header Details?

Account details display at the top of the platform in the same area where you view your truncated account number and net liq. If you do not see your accounts listed, then click the accounts dropdown  located along the top of the desktop platform to expand and view your account details. The first five columns: Net Liq, P/L Day, P/L YTD, Options BP, and Stock BP are fixed. However, users now can add up to eight additional account level metrics (continue below).

Where is the Account Header Details menu?

Head to the platform settings menu

To customize your Account Header Detail, go to the Platform Settings menu by clicking any gear  located throughout the platform. Once in the Platform Settings menu select the Accounts module>Header Detail tab. There, you will have eight different columns to choose from.

Available Columns

  • Today's Trade (count)
  • Day Trade Counter
  • P/L Open
  • Extrinsic
  • Net Delta
  • Net Theta
  • Net Vega
  • Net Gamma
  • ePoP (Equity Probability of Profit)

For definitions of all the columns listed, please click here.

How do I add or remove a column from my account header detail?

Similar to the Positions tab and Watchlist tab

Once inside the Account Header Details menu, click one of the column categories from the Not Displayed column. The selected column will appear in the Displayed column, and vice-versa to remove. To change the order of the columns displayed, click and drag the column up or down. The number of account Header Details you can view is dependent on the size of your monitor.