Legacy Web Browser Platform Quick Guide

Are you on a computer that doesn’t have the tastytrade desktop platform? Fear no more, the Legacy web-browser platform is here! Think of this platform as a “backup,” just in case you’re away from your computer. Or, if you’re at the office and on a restricted computer where you can’t install software then this could be your lifeline away from your desktop platform. All you need is a regular web-browser to access the web-browser platform, such as Google Chrome. For optimal performance, we recommend Google Chrome when using the web-browser platform. To access the Legacy web-browser platform, please click here.

Whatever your situation is, we’ve broken up the top five function of the web-browser platform in easy to swallow videos (1-2 minutes).

  1. Placing a Stock Trade
  2. Placing an Options Trade
  3. How to Replace/Cancel Working Orders
  4. How to Roll Positions
  5. How to Close Positions

Are you looking for the desktop platform quick guide instead? Then please click here.

Placing a Stock Trade

Placing an Options Trade

How to Replace/Cancel Working Orders

How to Roll Positions

How to Close Positions