Desktop and Web Browser Platform Differences

Although you can trade and access your portfolio using either platform, both have their differences. If you're wondering which one you should use, then base your decision from these two conditions:

  1. Are you at home or using a computer that you can download and install software on? Well, then the desktop platform is for you. To download the platform, head to our technology page or click here.
  2. Do you trade in a workplace setting or use a computer that restricts you from downloading and installing software? If so, then the web browser platform is for you, because all you need is a web browser. We recommend Google Chrome. Go to to access the web browser platform.

As goes for features, admittedly, there are some features that the desktop platform has that the web browser platform does not have and vice-versa. Don't worry though, our developers are tirelessly working on evening out and expanding the capabilities of both platforms.

If you have the platform on your computer and are at a workplace setting or on a network that is restricting you from logging in and/or accessing data, then see if you can get the proxy settings to the network you are using or enable websockets. Can't get either method to get connected? Well, the web browser platform is always there as a backup.

To learn more about our platform offerings, please click here.