Locate the Ex-Dividend Date (Quote Details)

If an underlying publishes an ex-dividend date (ex-date for short), as well as a dividend amount, then you can quickly locate it in the quote details inside the platform.

*To learn more about ETF dividends and why an amount is not listed, please click here.

Desktop Platform

The ex-date and amount, if published, are located in the right-hand sidebar of the desktop trading platform. Below is an expanded example of the Quote Details. For more information about the right-hand sidebar, please click here.

Web Browser Platform

Similar to the desktop trading platform, the ex-date and amount, if published, can be found in the right-hand sidebar of the web browser platform. If the right-hand sidebar is not visible, then it may be docked. To undock and view, click , located on the top right-hand corner of the browser page.

Mobile Platform

You can view quote details of a stock or ETF in a couple of different areas. First, by tapping the symbol in a watchlist. The quote details will appear from the bottom and list the ex-date and amount if published.

Secondly, you can also locate quote details by lining up the symbol in the Trade tab, then tapping the price on the top right-hand corner. After tapping the price, the quote details will appear beneath the price.