Uploading Account Documents

Did you recently apply for an account but still need to include an identification (ID) document with your application, or did our Accounts team ask for an ID but need to know how to submit it through our portal? Applicants can upload ID documents through our upload portal on our Customer Account Management site at manage.tastytrade.com. 

This is a 3 step verification process: front of ID, back of ID and face verification. All steps must be completed.

Step 1: Access the Portal 

When our account team requests an ID, we can open a portal for you after you sign into manage.tastytrade.com. After signing in, you must select the start button on the portal.   

If you plan on using your mobile device to capture your ID, we suggest accessing our Customer Account Management site on your mobile device. If you do not see the portal, please try clearing your browser's cache and cookies.

Step 2: Select ID Document Type 

Next, you must select the ID Document type you will provide. You can choose from Passport, Driver's License, or an Identity Card.

Step 3: Upload Method 

Next, you can choose the upload method. When selecting mobile, you can use your mobile device's camera to capture your ID document. When selecting by Webcam, it will use your computer's onboard webcam, if equipped. 

Step 4: Uploading the Document