Acceptable Documents for Domestic Accounts

Our accounts team may reach out to you in the event the soft credit check cannot verify your personal information. As a result, domestic accounts that require additional documentation may be asked to supply a proof of address, ID, or social security document when your information needs to be verified.

For customers that have a credit/security freeze, please click here.
For international customers, please click here.

What kind of documents are acceptable?

Proof of Address

The following documents below may be used as documentation as proof of address for your residential address. Residential addresses cannot be PO Boxes or a mail receiving service, however, they may be used as a mailing address.

  • State-issued photo ID (non-expired)
  • Utility bill*
  • Telephone bill*
  • Cable/TV bill*
  • Bank statement*
  • Credit card bill*
*When providing a bill or statement as proof of address please provide the full document that includes your name, address, date (within the past 12-months), and issuing company’s name when submitting. Scans or copies of an envelope or portion of a document that only display the address will not be accepted.

Form of Identification (ID)

The following documents below may be used as a form of identification (ID) to validate your full name or date of birth. Expired forms of ID will not be accepted.

  • State-issued photo ID
  • Drivers license
  • Passport
  • Permanent Residency Cards/Green Card

Social Security Number (SSN)

When the social security number in your application cannot be verified you may submit one of the following.

  • Social Security Card
  • W2 (within the past 12-months)
  • SSA Benefits Statements (within the past 12-months)

How do I send my documents to tastytrade?

When requested, you may send a proof of address by replying to the email our accounts team sent to you, emailing our accounts team at, or by fax at 312-724-7364. Alternatively, you may request a secure document upload portal by writing to our accounts team. If you do not have a scanner, then you may submit a photo using your smartphone's camera.