Credit Check

Does tastytrade run a credit check?

In short, yes. When you open an account at tastytrade, we run a soft credit check through Equifax. Credit checks do not affect your credit score as they serve only to verify personal information. 

Customers with a Credit Freeze

Do you have a credit freeze with Equifax? If so, our accounts team will not be able to verify your information. Our accounts team will reach out via email to request that you temporarily lift the freeze so that we can check your account information.

However, if you have a credit/security freeze and prefer that we do not do a soft credit check, as an alternative, you may send us a photo or photocopy of your government-issued ID along with a copy of your social security card, W2, or SSA Benefits Statements so our accounts team can continue processing your application. When our accounts team reaches out, you may request to upload these documents using a secured upload portal.

Please Note: Our accounts team cannot access your credit report using a temporary PIN, so we ask that you temporarily lift the freeze so we can perform the soft credit check.