How do I Receive Referral Credits

All referral credits will be automatically processed 3-4 weeks from the time the referral is qualified. A $250 credit per qualified referral will be credited to your account. To check on your qualified referral count, log in to your account at After signing in, scroll down past the blue Account Status area and click the black "Generate Your Referral Link" button. If you have any qualified redeemable credits, a number will list in this area. Once your account has been credited your batch of redeemable credits the count will go back to zero. If you have any questions, please contact us at for help. 

Due to IRA contribution rules, cash awards will be mailed via check to the address on file.

Instructions to view qualified credits 

  1. Log into your tastytrade account at or click here.
  2. When you reach the landing page, scroll down to where you generated your Referral Link.
  3. Click the Generate Your Referral Link button, and you'll see Your Redeemable Credits. Redeemable credits are qualified referral credits currently being processed and your account will be credited in 3-4 weeks.