tastyworks Name Change to tastytrade

As one of the fastest-growing online brokers, we think it's time we matched the name of our brokerage to what you do here: trade. Thus, starting February 21st, 2023, the do-it-yourself broker you know and love will now be known as tastytrade. Although we will be under a new name, our platform will continue to give you the technology, low rates, and outstanding support that gives you the environment to help you attain your financial goals. 

What does the name change mean for you?    

New and existing customers will now see our new name and logo across our domain; however, there won’t be any changes to our purpose and functionality as a brokerage firm. In short, we will continue to be the same client-focused retail brokerage firm but just under a new name and logo. We have transitioned to our new name and domain across our websites, technology, and content. However, for the time being, you may still see tastyworks in other areas of our business. You will start seeing the changes listed below taking effect as early as Tuesday, February 21st, 2023.

Please continue to use all our trading platforms, desktop, web, mobile, as you normally would. Throughout our transition, the tastyworks URLs and access points will remain active and will eventually automatically redirect you to our new sites. 

What will change after February 21st?


You can now find our website using our new domain: tastytrade.com. You will be sent an email when the new domain is live. We encourage you to use our new domain after the transition, but you will still be able to access our website via tastyworks.com for the time being. The tastyworks.com site will automatically redirect you to our new site, tastytrade.com.

Trading Applications

Come late February, you will start seeing our new name in the desktop platform, mobile apps (IOS & Android), and web-browser platform. You may need to update installed apps to see the changes to our branding. You can begin using trade.tastytrade.com to access our web trading platform now. While trade.tastyworks.com is still accessible, it will soon begin to redirect you to our new domain. Your login credentials will not be affected by these changes.

Account Management

While you can access your account via our homepage, tastytrade.com, another way to log in to your account management page is using manage.tastytrade.com. If you are using either tastyworks.com or manage.tastyworks.com, it will automatically redirect you to our new domains under tastytrade.com or manage.tastytrade.com, respectively.


Our main points of contact including phone, email, and chats will all remain fully active throughout this transition. All of our support mailboxes have been set up under our new email domain: @tastytrade.com (support@tastytrade.com, tradedesk@tastytrade.com, banking@tastytrade.com, etc.) We have set up auto-forwarding at all of our @tastyworks.com addresses so that our support teams remain fully accessible to our customers. However, we strongly encourage you to start contacting us via our new emails. You may still receive updates on your account from @tastyworks.com addresses throughout the transition.         

Help Center

You can continue to access our knowledge base at either support.tastytrade.com or support.tastyworks.com

Social Media

Over the next several days, we will be actively updating our social handles to @tastytrade If you were already following any of our social media accounts, you do not need to re-follow anything. If you’re not already following our socials, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube.

Deposit and Withdrawal Changes

Any linked bank account or account transfer will not be affected by this change. However, there are important changes to incoming wire and check instructions. Starting February 21, 2023, incoming checks should be made out to “tastytrade, Inc” and the wire recipient name should be addressed to “tastytrade via APEX clearing.” For example, in the currencyfair incoming wire details, the Name of the account holder field will now be “tastytrade via Apex Clearing”.

Checks made out to ‘tastyworks, Inc.’ on or after Feb 15th, will be given a 1-week grace period. For personal checks dated before the announcement of the legal name change on February 15, 2023, but postmarked after the announcement, there will be a 2-week max grace period.

IRA/Rollover checks are also given a 2-week grace period, but considering extended processing times at other firms, we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. If a check cannot be accepted based on the issue and received dates, the client will be contacted to issue a new check or guided through one of the alternative funding processes. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does the name change affect my login? 

No, you will continue to login with your current credentials. 

Does the name change affect my Account Number?

Your account details and number will remain the same and are unaffected by our name change. 

Do I have to reinstall the trading applications?    

You will still be able to access your account and place trades on your current application, however we would always recommend you update/reinstall to ensure you have the latest version with all our recent updates. As a best practice, always be sure to log out at the end of each trading session.

Will my bookmark still work? 

Following February 21st when we have updated our website's domain, your bookmarks should continue to work as old domains will be redirected to the new ones, but we highly recommend that you save new bookmarks under the new domain. For example, if tastyworks.com is saved as a bookmark, please update the address to tastytrade.com and re-save.

Will the name update on tax software?

When doing your taxes, our company’s name will be under tastytrade, however, some tax software might still list tastyworks. Either name will work as they are still under the same company identifier for tax purposes. 

Will my referrals and promotions stay active?

Yes, our referral program and account opening offers will remain active, and you can continue to use the same referral/promotional codes and links. 

What happened to the financial network previously known as tastytrade?

The financial network is still our separate but affiliated company. It was rebranded to tastylive in December 2022. You can now visit the network’s website at tastylive.com. As separate but affiliated companies, tastytrade and tastylive are not responsible for each other’s products, services, or policies.