How do I change my account nickname/label and symbol?

Are you a fan of vanity plates and want to give your trading account a custom name? Or, do you have multiple accounts and wonder about the symbology behind each account type? Whether you love giving an account a custom name or need to keep things organized, nicknames and symbols can keep your accounts better organized.


How to edit the nickname of your trading account

Start by logging in at

Giving your account a nickname starts by logging in to your account at, or click here. After logging in, navigate to My Accounts and click any of the menu items listed below.  Step-by-step instructions are also listed below:

  1. Log in to your account at, or click here.
  2. After logging in, navigate to My Accounts and select any of the menu items listed below. For this example, we'll click Balances.
  3. Once inside the Balances page, your account will list. If you have multiple accounts, then click
    and select the account you wish to edit the nickname.
  4. After selecting the account, edit nickname (in red) will appear to the right of the account. Click edit nickname, and a text field will appear. For your reference, your account type lists beneath the account number.
  5. Enter your nickname and click SAVE. For the example below, we'll use the nickname $Maker
  6. Restart your trading platform after giving your account a nickname. After restarting, your account will display the nickname. If your monitor does not have enough room to display your entire account nickname, then it will be shortened with an ellipsis. Below, our $Maker nickname reflects in the trading platform after restarting it.

Account Symbology

Account types are separated by a symbol

You can quickly tell each of your account types by referring to the icon displayed to the left of your account nickname/label. Any duplicate account types will use the same symbol but will separate by color. At this time, the assigned color and symbol to each account cannot be changed.

Symbol Key

  • Circle - Individual Cash and Individual Margin
  • Diamond - Traditional IRA, Beneficiary Traditional IRA
  • Clubs - Roth IRA, Beneficiary Roth IRA
  • Spades - SEP IRA
  • Heart - Joint Accounts

Example of different account symbols displayed in the accounts pane