Account Migration for Entity Accounts

We have implemented a change in our system that requires each entity/trust account or application to create a unique username used as the primary account holder username/email address associated with each unique entity. Having an entity and a non-entity account (individual, joint, and IRAs) tied to the same username caused unexpected back-office issues, so we decided to implement this change. We appreciate your understanding. Below will provide the steps required to change your entity username and shed some light on any concerns you may have regarding this change.


How to migrate your entity account

Before we get started...

Migrating your entity account will require you to have a separate email address that is NOT currently associated with ANY tastytrade account. If you do not have any other email addresses, you must create a new email address associated with the entity account.

Step 1: Sign in to your account at

First, please log in to your account at or for a shortcut. After logging in, those required to migrate will see the following page upon login. To proceed, click CONTINUE.

If you want to migrate your entity account later, click HOME, located along the top of the customer account management site. You'll be able to migrate later by clicking the red CONTINUE TO MIGRATE button located in the Account Status area.

Step 2: Create a New Login

Next, enter the email address and username you wish to associate with your entity account. Once all fields are satisfied (orange outline), the button below will illuminate green to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Prompted to Sign out 

After entering and creating your new login for your entity account, you'll receive a prompt to sign out of your account to complete the migration process. After signing out, you must confirm the email address you provided in Step 2. An email confirmation should appear shortly in your inbox of the email address you provided.

Step 4: Confirm your email address

Shortly after signing out, you should receive an automated message to confirm the email address you provided in Step 2. If you do not see the email confirmation in your inbox, then please check your SPAM folder. To confirm your email address, click the Confirm my email link. 

Example of email confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions about Migrating

Glad you asked! There are a few things to keep in mind now that you have migrated your entity account to a separate username/email.

Can I still trade in my entity account from my existing login?

Yes, Every migrated entity will have the old username automatically linked to the new account via LTA. From a trading perspective, there will be no noticeable changes, and you will still be able to trade all of your accounts from your existing login.

How do I initiate a deposit or withdrawal with my entity account?

To initiate an ACH deposit, ACH withdrawal, check withdrawal, or wire withdrawal from your entity account, you must sign in to your account at using the new email/username credentials you used during migration (from Step 2).

What if I don’t have any other email addresses to use?

Unfortunately, each username ties to a single email address, and you will be required to use a unique email address to create a new username for your entity account. If you do not have another email address, we will, unfortunately, have to ask that you create another email address to use for this requirement.  

If you have a Gmail address, then you are in luck. There is a nifty little trick for Gmail email addresses. The trick is to add a +1, +2, etc., to any Gmail right before the portion of the email. For example, a customer has the following email address tied to an entity and individual account That customer can use the following email address as the new email address for the entity account: Our system will recognize this as a different email address. However, the customer will receive all emails sent to to his/her address. So you will essentially be using the same email address. Still, our system will recognize it as a separate email, allowing you to create a new username with, essentially, the same email address. To the best of our knowledge, this trick only works for Gmail addresses.

What if I typed in the wrong email address for my new entity login?

If you accidentally entered the wrong email address in Step 2 during entity migration, please reach out to our accounts team at Please inform our accounts team about your issue, and someone from our entity accounts team can address the issue.