Electronically Transfer Your Brokerage Account (Plaid ACAT)

Before initiating an account transfer with our electronic ACATS Transfer system, you'll need to open a like account at tastytrade first. For example, if you're transferring a Roth IRA to tastytrade, then you need to open a Roth IRA at tastytrade before you can initiate an accounts transfer. When your account is approved and opened, you can start with getting your account transferred to tastytrade.

At this time, futures or cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) cannot be transferred to tastytrade.

You'll need to gather up some things

To glide through our electronic ACATS system, you'll want to have the following items and pieces of information on-hand.

  • The account number of the brokerage account you are transferring (Step #2)
  • You will also need to know the username and password of your old brokerage account (Step #3)
  • Download or scan your most recent brokerage statement (Step #5)

Customers transferring an individual margin, individual cash, or IRA account to tastytrade

Customers looking to transfer an individual margin, individual cash, Roth IRA, or Traditional IRA from another broker may use our electronic ACATS Transfer system. To start the account transfer to tastytrade, please sign in to your account at tastytrade.com, navigate to My Money>Deposits, or click here for a shortcut, and then click the By ACAT tab. International customers may also electronically transfer individual cash or individual margin accounts electronically.

Customers looking to transfer any other account type

Customers looking to transfer a joint account or an entity account, such as an LLC or trust, to tastytrade must fill out an ACATS Form. For instructions, please click here.