How to add a Referral or Promotional Code

Did someone you refer forget to use your referral link when signing up? No problem! Backdated and missing referral credit issues are easily resolved even if they forget to use your referral code.

Who is who? 

First, let's get our terms right: Referrer vs. Referee

Referrer: Person giving the referral. The referrer is receiving referral credit.

Referee: Not to be mistaken with the person wearing the black and white striped shirt on the football field. In the world of referrals, it is the person receiving the referral. The referee is giving the referral credit.

Instructions for Referrer

  1. Referrer: Share your referral link/code to the person you want to want to get referral credit from. To learn where to find your referral code, then please click here. Here is an example of the referral link format:

Instructions for Referee

  1. Obtain the referral link/code from the referrer. Once received highlight and copy it.
  2. Log in to your tastytrade account via, or click here.
  3. Scroll down to the referral section. It is located immediately below the Account Status portion of the page.
  4. Paste your referral link/code into the text field located immediately below the text “Did someone refer you? Enter their link or code below”. PLEASE NOTE that when you paste the referral link into the text field, it will not appear in the text field as you copied it, but as an alphanumeric referral code. After you paste the link, click Submit.
  5. Thank the person you referred on behalf of tastynation (and pat yourself on the back too)!

To learn how to access your referral link so that you can spread some tasty love, click here!

If you have already applied a referral code to your account and or one of our promotional codes and would like them changed or added then please reach out to us at for help!

Illustrated step-by-step guide