Incomplete Application

For an account application to be reviewed each step of the account application process must be complete. There are 5 sections of the account application that must be completed in sequential order. If the next section of the application is grayed out, then there is an incomplete field in the previous section. 


  1. Account - Country of Residence and Account Type Selection
  2. Trader - Contact Information, Citizenship Status, Personal Info, Employment Info, and Trusted Contact
  3. Access - Trading Knowledge, Trading Objective, and Financial Information 
  4. Security - Confirm Identity, Enable Two Factor Authentication, and Security Question
  5. Documents - Agree to Documents and Sign
Note on Trusted Contacts: If you do not want to have a trusted contact then fill out the trusted contact fields with your own personal information. 

Where to go to complete your account application?

Sign into and select the link in the blue account status section "It appears you have registered for an account but have yet to complete the application. Click HERE to continue". From there you can finish the application and complete the remaining steps. Please complete all steps of the application until you see "CONGRATULATIONS! You've opened your first account…”.

Make Sure Your Application Is Submitted

When clicking on the submit button the page will auto-refresh with a confirmation pop-up, if you move away from the page before that pop-up appears, the app does not get submitted. Make sure that you are taken to the front page of again and your app shows 'processing'.