How can I sign in if a firewall is blocking me? (Proxy Host)

If your company, public, or school network firewall is preventing you from accessing the tastytrade platform, you will be glad to hear that our platform may offer a solution! Firewalls are known to cause platform login issues and prevent live quote data from feeding into the platform. However, you may bypass this issue through the use of a proxy host. If you can obtain proxy host information from your network administrator, then you may enter it under the Advanced Options menu on the platform's login screen.


Before you get started...

You must obtain the SOCKS proxy information

While you will need the cooperation of your network administrator, connecting to tastytrade through a proxy may allow you to bypass your network's firewall. To accomplish this, you will need what is known as the "SOCKS proxy" details, which consist of two parts: the hostname (or "host") and the port number. The SOCKS proxy should look something like this:

Example of a SOCKS proxy

(This is not an actual proxy host address. It's just an example of what it may look like)

Where is the Advanced Options for logging in?

Launch the platform, underneath the Sign In button

Once you obtain the SOCKS proxy information from your network administrator, you can enter it in the Advanced Options menu on the login screen.

  1. Launch the tastytrade downloadable platform.
  2. Once on the login splash page, locate and click Advanced Options beneath the red SIGN IN button.

Enter the information into its corresponding box in the Advanced Options How do I enter my SOCKS Proxy information?

  1. The Advanced Options menu will appear with two text fields to input Proxy Host and Proxy Port info. In the example provided, the hostname is "," and the port is "8080". 
  2. Enter the information you received from your admin, click OK, then restart the platform to apply the settings.
  3. You should be good to go! Enter your login credentials and give logging in a shot. 

Last Resort: Ignore System Proxy Configuration

Overrides your computer's default proxy settings for one last chance to sign in

If entering a proxy host and port number into the Advanced Options menu isn't enough to get around your network's pesky permission settings, then you may ignore your system's proxy configuration by checking the box to see if that will get around it. After checking the box, restart the platform to apply the settings. Furthermore, by ignoring, having the proxy information and port number filled or unfilled will not affect it.

If entering SOCKS proxy information or ignoring system proxy configuration still does not let you sign in, then you may still be able to utilize the web browser trading platform (