tastytrade Open API

tastytrade users can now register for the tastytrade Open API. An Open API enables developers to create and share software applications, tools, and services, using a common language that simplifies communication between different platforms and systems. Tastytrade's Open API allows users to access various data points and functionality related to their accounts and financial markets. With tastytrade's Open API you can tap into:

  1. Market Data: You can use the Open API to get real-time market data on various financial instruments, such as stocks, options, futures, crypto and ETFs.
  2. Trading: You can use the Open API to execute trades based on the data you receive from the API.
  3. Portfolio Management: You can use the Open API to manage your investment portfolio, monitor your positions, and get real-time updates on your account balance.
  4. Research and Analysis: You can use the Open API to perform research and analysis on financial data, develop trading strategies, and test your ideas.
We have a dedicated Open API Service Desk ready to assist you. Please submit an email to api.support@tastytrade.com in order to create a ticket, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Open API Access

To request access, first navigate to our account management page. Scroll over the MY PROFILE header and then click on the bottommost dropdown selection labeled API. Within the API page (Open API access page), you will find our API's terms and conditions. Please read through the entire Open API terms and conditions. 

Registering for Open API

Once you have fully read the terms and conditions, click on the empty circle to agree. Now that you have agreed, the REQUEST OPT IN button will turn green, click on this button to complete API registration. Once opted in, a link at the top of the window will take you to the API's documentation page. You may opt out of Open API at any time, by clicking on REQUEST OPT OUT at anytime. 

Registering for Open API

Open API Documentation

Accessing Documentation

To access the tastytrade Open API documentation you must first follow the steps above to register your customer profile. Once you have registered your tastytrade customer profile with the API, you will be able to log into the documentation page with your tastytrade credentials. If you have not registered for the Open API and you attempt to login, then you will be presented with an error, instructing you to register via our management site. 

Logging into Open API Documentation

Once logged into the documentation page, you will have access to all of our API libraries, and any other support documents. 

tastytrade API Documentation

Documentation - Overview

The overview section found at the top of the left-side navigation bar hosts introductory information for getting started with the tastytrade Open API. Users will find information on API Conventions, Authentication Patterns, Streaming Account Data, Symbology, Error Codes, and additionally Basic API Usage. Please submit an email to api.support@tastytrade.com in order to create a ticket, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Open API users should first create a demo account in our certification environment using the Sandbox page on the left navigation. We have a whole working test environment that you will be able to build your application and test in prior to hooking up your production account.

Documentation - Basic API Usage

  • User Management
  • Customer Account information
  • Streaming Market Data
  • Position Retrieval
  • Balance Retrieval
  • Watchlists'Instruments
  • Order Management
  • Example Order Request
  • Transaction History

API Docs

  • Account Status
  • Accounts and Customers
  • Instruments
  • Margin Requirements
  • Market Metrics
  • Net Liquidating Value History
  • Orders
  • Risk Parameters
  • Users and Sessions
  • Symbol Search
  • Transactions
  • Watchlists


Within the Open API sandbox users will be able to build and test their application with test accounts before setting it up with their real account. To create a test account, click on the Register here button at the bottom of the page to create a new login. Enter an email address, username, and password to create a new test profile (certification environment). 

Sandbox certification registration

Once you have created a new certification user an email will be sent to the email you used to sign up for the certification. Find the email and confirm your email by clicking on the Confirm my email link

Certification email confirm

Once confirmed you will be taken to the certification environment where you can add new test accounts. Click on Add New Customer to begin adding a new test profile. 

Creating certification customer profile

Once a customer profile is created you can then look to add test accounts by clicking on Add New Account again. 

Creating certification account

Select the test account type and also enter the desired starting cash balance. You can create and delete test profiles and accounts at any time. 

Creating certification account