Where can I view the details of a trade before I send it?

Are you wondering what your delta exposure, max loss, max profit, or the estimated buying power (BP) effect of a prospective trade before you place it? Well, all of your trade details are neatly laid out for you during order entry.

The trade details displayed only apply to the position during order entry since markets (and price) can continually change.

Desktop Platform

You can view your Probability of Profit (PoP), total extrinsic value (EXT), Probability of making 50% (P50), delta exposure, theta, max profit/loss, and estimated BP effect during order entry. Your trade info is nicely laid out above the order ticket during order entry, as illustrated below. 

To view the beta-weighted delta of a trade in the order ticket, click Delta, and it will interchange
When rolling an order, click Max Prof or Max Loss, and it will show you the profit and loss values calculated for the entire order chain. When you are viewing the order chain calculation small indicators will appear next to Max Prof and Max Loss.To learn more about order chains, please click here. 

Web Browser Platform

You can view trade details after clicking Review and Send. There you can see the order details, type, estimated cost, TIF, theta, estimated bp effect, as well as your max profit/loss.

Mobile Platform

Similar to the desktop trading platform, you can view your trade details during order entry. When you populate your order, tap the price spread area, and your Trade Info will appear. The Trade Info displays your max profit/loss, theta, delta exposure, PoP, P50, etc.