What is my tastytrade Account Number?

Are you trying to look for your whole account number but don’t know where to find it? If you just submitted an account application, you will not receive an account number until our accounts team reviews your application and approves it for account opening. However, if your account is open, you can locate your complete account number by logging in to your account at my.tastytrade.com and refer to the Account Status section.

Where is my account number?

Account numbers are alphanumeric, which is just a fancy word that it comprises of letters and numbers. To view your whole account number (for example, 5WC#####), sign in to your account at my.tastytrade.com.

After signing in, navigate to the web platforms MANAGE->Summary page and scroll down to the blue Account Status area. All of your open account(s) will list in the Account Status area, as illustrated below. If your account is still processing, you will receive an account number after your application has been approved and opened.