Contributions and Distributions for IRAs

At tastyworks, there are two ways to make a contribution to or distribution from an IRA. You can either fund through a linked bank account and or make a transfer from a non-IRA trading account. 

  1. To/From a bank account
  2. To/From a non-ira trading account

Forms mentioned below can be found in our Forms and Agreements page <- Click Here

To/From a Bank Account

You can make contributions to or distributions electronically from your IRA by logging in to your account After signing in, navigate to My Money and select Deposit (for contributions) or Withdrawals (for distributions).

If you have a bank account linked (ACH relationship) to your tastyworks account, then you can quickly make contributions/distributions. Funds are coded according to the deposit or withdrawal type.

To learn how to set up an ACH relationship with your account, please click here.

**Please Note: At this time, only one-time contributions/distributions can be made online. Customers wishing to make recurring distributions from their IRA must fill out a distribution form (attached below).

To/From a Non-IRA Trading Account

Do you have a tastyworks margin or cash account that you would like to use for your annual contribution to your IRA? Or perhaps you need to make a distribution from your IRA and want to funds a margin or cash account? Either way, internally transferring funds can be done to and from your tastyworks retirement accounts with an Internal Transfer To IRA Request.

The Internal Transfer To IRA Request form can be found by visiting our Forms & Agreements page at or click here. For more information on how to fill out an Internal Transfer Request, please click here. Contributions may only be made in cash and not with positions

Distributions, on the other hand, can be made with stock. The value of any distribution made with stock from an IRA account to a non-IRA account is based on the previous day's closing price the distribution was processed by our clearing firm. For example, if a stock distribution was made on Dec. 11, 2018, then the value of the position is determined by the closing price of Dec. 10, 2018.

IRA Contributions (non-retirement to a retirement account) require the following forms:

  • Internal Transfer To IRA Request

IRA Distributions (retirement to non-retirement account) require the following forms:

  • For Roth IRAs, please use: Roth IRA Distribution Request
    • Under “Section VI. Delivery Instructions,” check the “To the following account” box and enter your tastyworks margin or cash account.
  • For Traditional IRA, please use: IRA Distribution Request
    • Under “Section VI. Delivery Instructions,” check the “To the following account” box and enter your tastyworks margin or cash account.

Both distribution forms mentioned above can be found in our Forms and Agreements page.

Don’t know your account number? Your account number and title can be found by signing into your account at, or by clicking here. Once signed in, it is located immediately below the Account Status area. 

Please send completed forms to our accounts team at or fax it to 312-724-7364. Forms received before 11 am Central Time (Chicago time) will be processed the same day. Transfers will complete 1-2 business days after processing, but cash-only transfers are typically overnight. Same-day transfers of any kind are not possible at this time.