How to Convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA

To convert to a Roth IRA, both the current IRA and the Roth IRA must be held a tastytrade. You will need to have an opened and approved tastytrade Roth IRA account before converting your IRA. To learn how to open another account, please click here.

What is needed to convert my IRA?

You can convert a retirement account to a Roth by completing and submitting a Roth IRA Conversion Request form. Please send completed forms to our team at No fees are charged to convert an IRA account, and a notary is unnecessary when filling out the form. However, please be aware of any potential tax consequences due to the conversion.

To obtain a Roth IRA Conversion Request form, please visit our Forms & Agreements page.

Note: No Notary is needed on the Conversion Form

Should I convert to a Roth IRA before I transfer my account?

If you are transferring an IRA (via ACAT) to tastytrade, then you may convert your IRA account at your current firm or perform the conversion at tastytrade. It can be done either way and does not make any difference.