What is the difference between Quick Roll vs. Roll?

Are you looking to keep the dream alive and roll your position out to the future? If so, then chances are you’ll see two choices for rolling: Quick Roll and Roll  . Each method suits a different purpose, but both will produce a rolling order. Also as a heads up, you’ll have an opportunity to review your rolling order before sending it when you click Quick Roll or Roll.

By default, the platform displays all options expirations (weekly and monthly). If you have your Trade tab set to only view “Regular Expirations” (monthlies), then Quick Roll will roll the position into the next monthly expiration. On the other hand, if you have your platform set to only view “Non-Regular Expirations” (weeklys) then Quick Roll will roll the position in the next weekly expiration. Finally, if “All Expirations” is checked then Quick Roll will roll the position into the next expiration, which can be a weekly or monthly option. 

To learn how to filter or view all options expiration cycles then click here.


Quick Roll

Selecting Quick Roll will create a rolling order for the position in the next expiration cycle shown within your Trade tab. It will either roll into a weekly or monthly expiration depending on which options you have displayed/filtered. 


Selecting roll will give you a choice of the next four expiration dates following your current position's expiration. Depending on your display/filtering options, you will see the next four expiration cycles that you can roll into. The prices displayed within the roll function are marked at mid-price. 

If you see any inconsistencies within the prices, as illustrated below with a 0.25 db for the 8/25/17 expiration, then the specific expiration displayed may have a wider bid-ask spread.

Rolling to a Further Date

Rolling to a date not listed in the Roll Function

If you use the Roll feature and do not see the expiration that you want to roll into, then follow these steps and view the animated graphic below to learn how to roll to a further date.

  1. Select the option(s) you want to roll from the positions tab.
  2. Right-click on the highlighted selection(s) and mouseover to roll. Left-click the furthest date expiry. 
  3. After clicking the most distant expiration in the roll menu, it will bring you to the Trade tab and populate the rolling order in your order ticket

*Please Note: Not all expirations carry the same strike prices. Some expirations have $1 wide strikes other while expirations may have $2.50 or $5 wide strikes. If you are trying to roll a position into a future date, then please make sure that you are rolling into the appropriate strikes. The platform will always attempt to roll into the same strikes, but if the same strikes do not exist, then it will use the nearest strike(s) available.