How to View and Filter Weekly Option Expirations

Do you only trade monthly options? Prefer weeklys? No matter your preferred expiration, the Table view of the Trade tab in the tastytrade platform makes it easy to sort option chains! With a single click, you can choose to display Regular Expirations options (monthly) only, Non-Regular Expiration options (weekly) only, or both at the same time.

Filtering Expirations in the Desktop Platform

To use the display filter option in the Table view of the Trade tab, just click the funnel in the top right-hand corner of the tab and select from one of the three filter types listed above!

Animation of toggling expiration filters

Filtering Expirations in the Web-based Platform

To filter expirations, open the Trade window by clicking on the Trade icon. Once it is opened, enter the setup menu, located at the bottom left-hand corner of the window. The setup menu can be accessed whether you are in the table or curve view. 

Image of table mode settings button

Detailed View of the Expiration Filter Menu

Image of trade table expiration settings

Filtering Expirations in the Mobile Platform

To filter expirations, open the Trade tab and enter Table Mode. Tap the gear icon peering at the top of the column labels.  Once inside, you may choose the expiration(s) you want to be displayed. The animation below illustrates how to reach the Table Mode menu and examples of displaying ALL expirations, Regular Expirations, and Non-Regular (weekly) expirations.  

Animation of expiration filters on mobile platform