How do I set up a calendar or diagonal spread order?

Looking to trade a spread over different expirations, but don't see it listed in the strategy menu? Well, no need to panic. Since a calendar or diagonal spans different expirations, you'll need to build the trade manually when employing a calendar or diagonal spread.

Instructions to set up a calendar or diagonal order

Below, we'll use a SPY short put calendar spread as an example by selling the Oct18 297 put and buying the Sep20 297 put. The number of displayed strikes was reduced to display these examples. No matter how your Table view displays, you always start selecting your long or short leg. To learn how to adjust the number of strike prices displayed in the table, please click here.

Desktop Platform

Calendar Spread Order on Desktop Platform

Web browser Platform

  1. Open the Web Browser Platform and navigate to Trade Tab in table mode.
  2. Click on two expiration dropdown rows to expand each expiration's options strikes
  3. Find the strikes you wish to buy and sell. Click on the ASK price 1.03 to buy the put on the June expiration. Click on the BID price 1.95 to sell the put on the July expiration.
  4. Order ticket populated below, listing quantity, strike prices, expiration date, and designation. 

Calendar Spread on Web Browser Platform

Mobile Platform

Calendar Spread on Mobile Platform