Options Chart (Historical Options data)

View historical data of an option's premium on the chart. Quickly pull up a chart of a specific options strike or expiration by right-clicking on the bid or ask price on the trade tab. 

How do I view a chart of an individual option leg?

Start by going to the Trade tab, then navigate to Table mode

To view the chart of a single-leg option in the desktop trading platform, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Trade tab>Table view.
  2. After expanding an expiration, right-click on an option's bid or ask price. You will not see the option to view the option on a chart if you line up a buy or sell order.
  3. View option in chart cursor menu will appear, and after clicking, it will take you to the Chart tab to view the chart of the individual option.
  4. Once you reach the Chart tab, you can add a number of indicators displayed and change the time interval of the chart. The chart of the option you are viewing will list on the top left corner. Below is an example of a SPY Nov15 303 Call.