Quote Issues - Switch Data Feed

Having issues with your desktop platform's quotes or chart data? No worries, there is a quick fix you can implement via our desktop platform settings. Navigate into the platform settings by clicking on the platform's settings gear icon. Then, under the GENERAL module, triple click the message that states "Currently using DxLink for quote source." After you see the message change to "Currently using DxFeed/QDS for quote source," sign out of your platform and relaunch. After switching quote sources, you must click on the sign out button in the bottom left of the platform and sign back in for this fix to take effect. 

This fix is only applicable to tastytrade desktop users, as of right now the mobile and web platform are unable to switch quote sources. If you are still running into issues please contact us directly at tech@tastytrade.com.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Navigate to the Desktop Platform Settings by clicking on any of the platform's settings gear icon. One can be found on the left hand watchlist, and another can be found in the top right of the positions and trade tab. 

2. Under the GENERAL Module in the platform settings, find the text "Currently using DxLink for quote source". Click on this text three times in a row (it does not act as a button). 

3. Once clicked 3 times, the text/quote source will update and list "Currently using DxFeed/QDS for quote soruce", also you will be prompted to restart your tastytrade application for the change to take effect. If you do not fully sign out and sign back in then the quote source will not update. 

4. Click on sign out in bottom left corner and then sign back in to update.