Web Based Trading 2.0 User Guide

As a user of our original Web Browser Trading (WBT 1.0) platform, we are very excited to have you use our new website and be among the first clients to try the tastyworks WBT 2.0 Beta Platform. This document will provide vital information and helpful resources for using WBT 2.0 Beta. It is important to note that WBT 2.0 Beta will be a live environment, meaning you will be trading with your real money and placing real trades. Any trades in your account placed through the WBT 2.0 Beta platform are at your discretion and are your responsibility. 

When testing the new tastyworks WBT 2.0 Beta, please have your usual platform (desktop, web browser (WBT 1.0), or mobile platform) open alongside as you interact with WBT 2.0 in the event you notice any anomalies. Having your usual platform open while testing the WBT 2.0 Beta will help provide a baseline reference and will help confirm and ensure that your positions or orders handled through the WBT 2.0 Beta are interacting correctly with your account.

While we do not expect you to experience any significant issues while interacting with the Beta, please be aware that there are inherent risks when interacting with any pre-production build. During the pre-launch phase, you can provide feedback to our team by sending an email to feedback@tastyworks.com. All feedback is welcome as we work on fine-tuning this new platform for launch.


WBT 2.0 Overview Video

WBT 2.0 Overview

Users will find that WBT 2.0 closely resembles the desktop platform’s feel and functionality. Much like its counterpart, WBT 2.0 is built into several customizable and distinct panels. Each is labeled in numerical order below. 

  1. Web Navigation Header 
  2. Left-panel Quick View Watchlist 
  3. Right-panel Symbol Overview and Details
  4. Middle-panel Primary Window
  5. Navigation Panel and Account Selector

Web Navigation Header

The platform's topmost section comprises the trading platform and account management buttons, symbol search field, connectivity status, platform settings, and sign-out button.

A. Toggle between the trading platform and a completely new account management section, Manage Accounts.

B. For more information on the MANAGE ACCOUNTS section, see below.

C. Type the symbol/ticker in the Symbol Search field to populate an underlying symbol across the platform. The symbol typed into the Symbol Search field will become the active symbol across the platform. Additionally, users can click on symbols in the positions or watchlist tab to select a new active symbol.

D. A green (connected) or red (disconnected) indicator will update in real-time in the top right of the platform. Click on the dot to check your connection with the platform and quotes.

E. Users can access the platform settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right of the platform. Any adjustments to your settings will permeate across all other platforms. For example, if you set your default stock order quantity to 1 share on WBT 2.0, that will also set your default stock order quantity to 1 share on the desktop platform (and vice-versa). If a setting is unavailable or not working as intended, please open the WBT 1.0 or desktop platform and adjust your settings from there.

  • Light and Dark mode
  • Trade ticket and default order settings
  • Position and watchlist columns (currently only for the center watchlist)
  • Platform notification sounds

F. To fully sign out of the WBT 2.0 platform, click on the sign out button in the top right of the window and then click OK on the confirmation popup. Closing the web browser or browser tab will not automatically sign out of your account. We suggest you fully sign out and sign back into the platform each time you intend to use the WBT 2.0 platform.

Left-panel Quick View Watchlist

View preset and personalized watchlists and quickly set up stock orders with the collapsible left panel watchlist. Scan through the preset and created watchlist by clicking on the watchlist selector drop-down (yellow) or collapse the window by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner (blue). In this panel, users can swiftly set up a stock order by clicking on the bid price to sell (red) and the ask price to buy (green) via the quick view watchlist.

Graphical user interface

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Right-panel Symbol Overview and Details

The symbol overview and details panel is a collapsible panel that displays quotes details, fundamentals, a small chart (coming soon), trade activity, and working orders on the platform's active symbol. At the top of the window, users can also toggle between the activity and fundamentals panels. To collapse this window, click on the exit button in the top right of the panel. To expand again, click on one of the right-panel icons.

Middle-panel Primary Window

The middle of the platform will act as your main battle station for viewing the active symbol, opening positions, placing trades, and reconciling transactions. At all times, the active symbol will be listed at the top of the panel with applicable details on the underlying such as recent price action, Implied Volatility Rank (IV Rank), volume, and the symbol's name. The middle panel will populate the active tab selected via the left-side Navigation Bar. Each platform tab overview can be found in the section below.

Navigation Bar and Account Selector

We will discuss each of these eight distinct tabs below.

Positions Tab

The positions tab will act as your primary station for viewing and managing open positions and working orders. Within the positions tab, you can view and filter by product, manage positions, and keep track of your capital requirements.

Graphical user interface

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A. To pull up the positions tab in the middle panel, click on the Positions tab in the left side navigation bar.

B. Filter which type of products you wish to view by clicking the Position Type buttons. In general, you can keep all of these filters selected (blue) to view all open and working positions. However, for example, if you only want to view your stock positions, you can toggle all of the other filters off (gray), and only have Stocks toggled on (blue).

C. You can change your positions tabs grouping layout with the Group By filter. Positions can be grouped by None, Symbol, or Order Chains.

D. The lower section of the positions tab will host all your open and working positions (based on your product filters). Columns in the positions tab will list your position's profit and losses, options greeks, dividend dates, requirements, and much more. You can customize which columns are listed through the platform’s settings. To toggle between multiple pages of columns, click on the arrows in the top right of the positions tab. Each dot will represent a page of columns and which page is currently being shown.

E. Much like our desktop platform, you will find a capital requirements button in the top right of the positions tab. Click on the CAP REQ button to expand the window. The capital requirements window will list the buying power, initial, and maintenance requirements for all open positions. To return to the positions tab, click on the back button in the top right of the window.

Trade Tab

WBT 2.0’s trade table closely resembles the current desktop applications trade table. There are two modes within the trade tab, which you can toggle between in the top left asset type selector. The options toggle will populate the trade table with expirations on the platform’s active symbol. Users can adjust the number of strikes listed, pull up trades based on strategy with the strategy selector tool, and edit their trade table columns (bid/ask are locked).

Graphical user interface

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The dedicated stock trading window is partially built in its current stage. Clicking on the Single asset type will pull up an order ticket with your default outright order quantity (default is 100 shares). In the order ticket, you can adjust your price and quantity, and order type. A chart will likely be added at the top of the order ticket in a future build.

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Activity Tab

This section will display Working, Filled Cancelled, and/or Expired positions held. Filter your transactions by the order status, symbol, or date placed. To adjust, duplicate, or place an opposite order, right click on the order row to expand a quick action menu.

Graphical user interface

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Watchlist Tab

The primary window watchlist is the main platform watchlist tab. Here you can view preset and customized watchlists and filter symbols by columns, earnings dates, IV Rank, and more. At the top of the tab is a plus button to create a new watchlist, a copy button, and then a delete watchlist button.

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History Tab

The history tab is split up into two sections, the Transactions window and Year-To-Date tab. The Transactions window will list all transactions in your account based on the filters selected at the top of the window. You can find all deposits and withdrawals, trades, dividends, assignment/exercises, and more.

The Year-To-Date section will list your unrealized and realized losses for each symbol you have traded from the start of the year until the current date. You can also find the total commissions and fees paid across your accounts on the right side of the window.

tastylive Tab

Pull up the tastylive Livestream within your WBT 2.0 platform with the tastylive tab.

Chart Tab

The chart tab in its current state is very bare bones. You can pull up a chart on your active symbol and select a time interval for each tick and the period of time you want your chart to span. We will be making changes to this tab and many improvements so stand by for future updates.


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Follow Feed Tab

Keep track of your favorite tastylive traders by following them on the follow feed tab.

  1. Filter trades by a symbol
  2. Filter trades by date placed
  3. Filter trades by strategy
  4. Filter trades by type (e.g earnings play)
  5. Click on the expand button in the bottom right of the follow feed to select which traders you want to follow and unfollow.

Account Balances and Selector Panel

In the bottom left corner of the platform is the account balances window and account selector area. Balances such as Net Liq, P/L, and buying power will list for the active account selected. To select an account, double-click on the T-shield for the account you want to view and trade in. In the image below, the account ending in **87 is the active account.

Graphical user interface

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Account Management Window

The account management window is an outstanding new feature currently unavailable on any of our other platforms. Much like the account management website manage.tastyworks.com, you will now be able to fund and make adjustments to your existing accounts within the WBT 2.0 platform. Click on the Manage Accounts button in the top header to toggle between the trading platform. 

If at any point you are having issues with the features on the account management page, please go to manage.tastyworks.com to complete your changes or make your transactions. We are still building out this section and not all areas may be available for us. 

Accounts Summary 

View open account balances and pending applications in the account summary section.

My Accounts

Retrieve Confirmation and Statements for all tastyworks accounts. (trading preferences will be hidden).

Coming Soon features in My Accounts:

  • Trading preferences (upgrading to advance trading preferences will happen here)
  • Risk Monitoring will live in section. (Expiration Risk Monitoring and PDT Reset)

My Money 

(only ACH deposit and wire withdrawals are currently set up – one time and recurring for plaid deposits, if micro linked (has to be 2FA enabled), otherwise have to go to CAM)

  • For beta launch– clients will only be able to deposit via ACH, View /cancel pending ACH and View ACH statuses 
  • Withdrawals Section – under construction

My Profile

Investor Profile settings (update trading objectives, switch to works etc), Personal information, Security (email, password, security question), Communication Preferences, and Documents (Customer agreements and any documents requested by the accounts team can be uploaded here)

Features coming soon

  • ACH withdrawals
  • Plaid ACAT
  • Electronic Internal Transfer 
  • Setting up 2FA (SMS/Auth)
  • Adding/View Account beneficiaries  
  • Dividend Reinvesting
  • Autotrade Allocations
  • Tax Center

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I placing real trades, or is this simulated trading?

WBT 2.0 will be a live environment, meaning you will be trading with your real money and placing real trades in your accounts. We do not offer paper/simulated trading.

Can I still Trade on WBT 1.0?

While participating in the WBT 2.0 pre-launch phase, you will still be able to trade on the classic WBT 1.0 platform. Each platform will have a distinct and separate location, and the current version will not be replaced until the launch of WBT 2.0.

How do I place a stock order?

You can quickly set up stock order by clicking on the bid price to sell (short) and the ask price to buy (go long) anywhere the bid or ask price is listed on the platform. You can find the bid and ask price listed at the top of the middle panel, in the watchlist tabs, or right panel quote overview window. If you are still stuck, you can also place a stock order via the strategy selector tool at the top of the trade tab.

Can I place a bracket order?

Bracket orders will be available in a future release. 

Feed Back and Support

There are three methods to provide feedback, comments, or issues.

  1. Take a screenshot (preferred): A portal will appear after capturing a screenshot where you can annotate the screenshot, supply a written description, and finally submit it.
  2. Email feedback@tastyworks.com: You can also email our tech team your feedback and comments.
  3. Call us at 888-247-1963 or 312-724-7075: if you experience any issues using the Beta version that requires our immediate attention.

When providing feedback, please be as detailed as possible, such as steps to recreate an issue so our development team can address it. Or, if you have general comments to share, you may email feedback@tastyworks.com.