Momentum SMA

The Momentum SMA indicator combines Momentum and Simple Moving Average (SMA) calculations to assess an asset's potential directional momentum.  

Momentum Line: Calculates the rate of change in the asset's price. 

Average Line: Represents the Simple Moving Average of this momentum. 

Zero Line: Can act as a neutral baseline to help differentiate between potential bullish and bearish conditions. 


Price: By default, the indicator uses the closing price for its calculations, but this can be changed to High, Low, Open, Volume, or VWAP to suit different analysis needs. 

Momentum Length: The indicator initially uses a 28-period setting for calculating momentum, offering flexibility to adjust according to individual trading strategies. 

SMA Length: Initially set to a 28-period length for the Simple Moving Average, this parameter can be adjusted to better align with specific trading objectives.

Momentum SMA Indicator subgraph on chart

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