Momentum Crossover

The Momentum Crossover indicator is designed to display arrows on the chart that may signify potential changes in momentum direction. Users interested in observing both upward and downward signals can apply the indicator twice: once with the 'Crossing Type' set to 'Negative to Positive' for Up Arrows and once set to 'Positive to Negative' to view Down Arrows. 

Up Signals: Arrows that may suggest a potential shift toward bullish momentum, generally when momentum changes from negative to positive. 

Down Signals: Arrows that may suggest a potential shift toward bearish momentum, typically when momentum changes from positive to negative. 


Length: By default, the length is set to 12, this parameter specifies the number of periods used for calculating momentum. Adjusting the length can make the indicator more sensitive to recent price changes (with a shorter length) or smooth out volatility (with a longer length). 

Crossing Type: Users can select between two types—'Positive to Negative' shows red arrows pointing downwards, and 'Negative to Positive' shows green arrows pointing upwards—to indicate the direction of the momentum shift.

Momentum Crossover Indicator on chart

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