How to Redeem Referral Credits

Log in to your account at or click here to redeem referral credits. After signing in, scroll down past the blue Account Status area and click the black "Generate Your Referral Link" button. If you have any Redeemable Credits, a red REDEEM NOW link will appear beneath the number of redeemable credits. If you only see Pending Credits, they will turn to Redeemable Credits after the eligibility period.

Due to IRA contribution rules, cash awards may only be applied to individual accounts.

Instructions to redeem referral credits

  1. Log into your tastytrade account at or click here.
  2. When you reach the landing page, scroll down to where you generated your Referral Link.
  3. Click the Generate Your Referral Link button, and you'll see Your Pending Credits and Your Redeemable Credits.
    If you have enough Redeemable Credits, you'll see a REDEEM NOW link located immediately below your credits.

  4. After you click REDEEM NOW, you will see a menu of the eligible awards you can redeem your referral credits. The number of Redeemable Credits you have will determine which awards you are entitled to receive. Inaccessible awards with your number of Redeemable Credits will be greyed out and cannot be selected. Click Confirm and Redeem when finished. 
  5. Just like trading, the only thing you have control over is order entry! After you hit Confirm and Redeem, you'll be directed to a confirmation page where you'll have the opportunity to review your order. All prizes are shipped to the address we have on file for the account. Cash Awards may only be applied to an Individual account. A credit will be applied to your chosen account. When you are done selecting your prize(s), click 'Redeem Now.' 
  6. You're all set! You should receive your item (if it is to be shipped to you) within 7-10 business days. Cash awards are processed at the end of each month and will post to an individual account.