Cancel a Pending Deposit/Withdrawal

You can cancel a recently initiated deposit or withdrawal request in a few easy steps. Cancellation requests for deposits or withdrawals can only be made before our cutoff.

How to cancel a pending deposit or withdrawal

Click View/Edit Scheduled Deposits (or Withdrawals) tab in My Money

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Navigate to the My Money (located on the top navigation bar).
  3. If you want to cancel a recently submitted ACH deposit, then select Deposits. If you want to cancel a recently submitted ACH withdrawal, then select Withdrawals.
  4. You will find yourself on the MY MONEY | DEPOSITS or MY MONEY | WITHDRAWALS page. Mouse over to the View/Edit Scheduled tab and click.
  5. Select the account relevant to your ACH transfer; you can find the account selection menu below the following menu header: 
  6. Select the appropriate account, and your deposits/withdrawals will appear in the list below.
  7. Any recently submitted ACH requests eligible for cancellation will have a red “X” immediately to the right of their listing. Click the red “X” to cancel. If you do not have the option to cancel a deposit or withdrawal, then that indicates it is processing and cannot be canceled. Please refer to our cutoff times.
  8. A prompt will appear, asking Are you sure you want to cancel this transaction? Click Yes to cancel. A prompt will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of your browser confirming your successful cancellation of the pending ACH transfer.