Day, GTC, and GTD orders are designations that dictate the length of time over which an order will keep working before it is canceled. The TIF (time in force) you select for an order will determine how long the order will try to work before expiring if it does not get filled. Below are examples of each TIF and how you to use them.

To learn more about extended hours trading, or an "EXT" order, please click here.

A “Day” TIF will work until the end of the current trading day. If a day order is placed outside of market hours, it will work until the end of the next trading day.

A “GTC” (Good Til Canceled) TIF will work indefinitely until the order is filled or canceled. Additionally, for options orders, a “GTC” order will expire after the expiration of any of the option legs.

A “GTD” (Good Til Date) TIF will expire at the end of trading on the date you select.