DRS Transfers

Transfers to and from a transfer agent work a bit differently than a standard ACAT transfer. This type of securities transfer is referred to as a DRS/DWAC transfer. Before requesting this transfer we ask that you please verify with your plan holder that you are eligible to proceed with either type of transfer.

If you wish to proceed with this transfer type, there is a $115 fee per symbol passed through from Apex (our clearing firm). The funds must be available in your tastytrade account before the submission of the transfer. There is a $125 rejection fee should there be any mismatch of information between the two accounts.

OUTGOING (Transferring Out of TW)

Please send a letter of instruction via email to banking@tastytrade.com including your tastytrade account number, number of shares you would like to transfer, and the underlying symbol.

INCOMING (Transferring Into TW)

Please email the attached ACAT form along with the requested details below to banking@tastytrade.comYou will need to confirm the exact number of shares you wish to transfer and choose one of the following:

  1. Move all Shares
  2. Move all Shares, sell fractional shares, and close the account
  3. Move all whole Shares and keep fractional shares at the agent
Section 6 of the ACAT form does not need to be filled out for incoming DRS transfers