Opting-in for professional data

Customers classified as professionals and any entity account will receive four professional subscriber agreement forms from our accounts team after submitting an application. Existing customers who become professionals will also receive these forms. Please continue reading to learn how to opt-in for professional data.

How to Opt-in for Professional Data

You'll need four different forms when opting-in

Whether you are a professional individual or a professional entity, there are four separate forms required to receive live data for a fee.

  1. NYSE Third Party Addendum
  2. NYSE Professional Subscriber Agreement
  3. Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) Professional Subscriber Agreement
  4. NASDAQ OMX Global Subscriber Agreement

How much does live market data cost?

Equities data and Futures data are charged separately

Professional data fees are completely pass-through. The exchanges charge professional subscribers (subject to change at any time).

  • $123.50/month for real-time equity & equity option data. 

  • $420/month for real-time futures & futures options data. 

Professional Data Forms

Accounts that are classified as professionals will receive four professional data forms from our accounts team. To learn if your account may be classified as a professional, then please click here.

Professional Data Form Guides

  1. NASDAQ Hardcopy Professional Subscriber Agreement (pages 1-2)
  2. NYSE Professional Market Data Subscriber Agreement
  3. NYSE Professional Subscriber Addendum
  4. Options Price Reporting Authority

Where can I view my data fees when charged?

Refer to your monthly statement

To view your data fees itemized, please refer to your monthly account statement. Your data fees list beneath the Funds Paid and Received section of your monthly statement. Monthly data fees are typically charged to the account in the first week of each month for fees incurred in the prior month.