Required Maintenance Call (RM Call)

A Required Maintenance (RM) call is issued when the margin equity in an account is less than the maintenance requirements. 

How to meet a Required Maintenance Call?

Maintenance calls are typically due three business days after the call is issued (T+3), but tastyworks reserves the right to require maintenance calls to be met sooner. 

The fastest way to meet a maintenance call is by sending a wire transfer. If you want to meet an RM call by making an ACH deposit, then please write to our trade desk at so we can inform our margin team. ACH deposit requests made before our cutoff typically land in your account the next trading day.

However, accounts may meet a maintenance call in the following ways:

  • Depositing securities
  • Market appreciation
  • Closing positions to generate sufficient margin release

Please note: Maintenance calls are issued cumulatively.

If you do not address a maintenance call, then the risk/margin department will intervene to resolve the call by liquidation if the customer does not.