American Depository Receipts (ADRs)

What is an ADR?

American Depository Receipts (ADRs) are securities listed by a bank that represents shares of a non-US exchange listed company.  ADRs give U.S. investors exposure to foreign equities listed in U.S. dollars.  However, please note that if you are looking to trade ADRs, they may be subject to ADR fees which may add to the cost.

ADRs will trad in the U.S. markets during regular trading hours (extended trading hours not supported).  Settlement  for ADRs is T+2 (trade date plus two business days).

What are ADR Fees?

ADRs are a form of equity securities that provide access to foreign companies for American investors.  ADR fees are pass-through fees to compensate the issuing institution for processing corporate actions and dividends.  These fees can be between 1-3% of the total amount of shares held, and are assessed on a quarterly or annual basis.

You can search for information in each individual prospectus using the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission's Edgar Company Search, or click here.