Link Your Small Exchange Community Membership

Did you login to your account at and see the following prompt? No worries, to continue with linking your Small Exchange Community membership, please click View Documents to proceed.

You must agree to our updated Disclosure notices by clicking the red YES button on the Documents page before you can continue with linking your Small Exchange Membership.

Ready for The Smalls? We know you are. The Small Exchange will go live on June 1st, 2020For more information about Small Exchange products, including commissions and fees, please click here.

Before you get started...

Must have our highest margin trading level, The Works or IRA The Works, and have futures trading enabled

Since The Smalls are futures contracts, non-ira margin accounts must have our highest margin trading level, The Works. On the other hand, IRA accounts must have IRA The Works. Additionally, your account must have futures trading enabled. Cash accounts cannot trade any Smalls products.

To learn how to upgrade your margin trading level, please click here. Or, if you already have a Works margin account and need to enable futures trading, then please click here.

IRA accounts looking to upgrade to IRA The Works, please click here.

Do I have to have a Membership with the Small Exchange to trade The Smalls?

Want to test drive trading The Smalls without having a linked Community Membership? Well, have at it! You can still trade The Smalls without a Small Exchange Membership

Futures-enabled accounts that trade the Smalls without a linked Small Exchange Membership are assessed Non-member Exchange fees and will only receive Small Exchange market data free-of-charge for a year. If you like trading with reduced exchange fees and would like to receive lifetime Small Exchange market data, you can consider purchasing a Membership to the Small Exchange community. 

For more information, please visit the Small Exchanges' Community Membership Portal by clicking here. After you get set up with your Small Exchange Membership, continue to the instructions below.

Make sure you are registered with The Small Exchange

Before you can link your tastytrade account to your Small Exchange member, you must first register with the Small Exchange and have user credentials with The Small Exchange, which is separate from your tastytrade user credentials. 

I am already a registered member with the Small Exchange

You already registered? Great, please proceed to the next section below! Make sure you have your Small Exchange user credentials on-hand! 

I did not register with the Small Exchange yet

If you have not registered with the Small Exchange yet, then please visit the Small Exchange's Membership Rebate Program Details page to learn more and to get started. Once you have your Small Exchange user credentials, please refer to the next section below.

I don't remember if I registered with the Small Exchange

Not sure if you are already a Small Exchange Community Membership. No need to panic. Please write to and they can help you get set up. Or, if you wish to purchase a Small Exchange Membership, then please visit their Community Membership Portal.

How to link your Small Exchange Community Membership

Have your Small Exchange Credentials on-hand

To get started, you will need to go to the Exchange Affiliations page by signing in to your account at After signing in, navigate to My Profile>Exchange Affiliation. 

Once in the Exchange Affiliations page, navigate to the Link Exchanges section and click Link Your Small Exchange Membership. It should be the only button on this page.

After clicking Link Your Small Exchange Membership, you will reach the Small Exchange Community Member Login Portal. Enter your Small Exchange username/email and password. Please note that your Small Exchange user credentials are separate from your tastytrade user credentials. If you're having difficulty logging in to your Small Exchange account, please write to 

After entering and submitting your Small Exchange credentials, the portal will link your Small Exchange membership, and you will return back to your Customer Account Management page and briefly see the message below:

When the linkage completes, you will automatically return to the Exchange Affiliations page. You will know if your Community Membership is successfully linked by referring to the Link Exchanges section again. A checkmark and message that You have linked your accounts to a Small Exchange Membership along with an alphanumeric code in parenthesis will indicate that the linkage was successful.

I linked my Small Exchange Membership, now what?

Enjoy trading the smalls!

Your Small Exchange Membership applies to your account on an account owner level. As a result, any of your futures-enabled accounts will be able to trade the Smalls with reduced (Member) exchange fees. To view a list of available smalls contracts, please click here.

A note about LTA accounts

Do you have a friend or family Member's account linked to your tastytrade account? If so, then this pertains to you! If you are an authorized agent and have a Limited Trading Authorization (LTA) on a futures-enabled account, then the account owner must be a Small Exchange Member to be entitled to the lower exchange fees when trading the Smalls.

For example, let's say you're helping manage your father's futures-enabled margin account, but he's not a Small Exchange Member. As a result, any Smalls trades made on behalf of your father as an LTA are subject to non-Member exchange fees. However, Smalls trades routed in any account you own, as a Small Exchange Member, will be assessed the community Membership exchange fee.