Do Not Exercise Request (DNE)

DNE requests only apply to long in the money equity/ETF options and cannot be applied to any short options position. Long options that expire out of the money (OTM) will expire worthless resulting in the option not being exercised. Long options strike with a bid of 0.00 will be OTM, and if they expire with a bid of 0.00 the option will not be exercised. 

How do I submit a Do Not Exercise request? (DNE)

Reach out to our Trade Desk before 3:30 PM Central

You can submit a Do Not Exercise request or DNE for short by calling our Trade Desk at 312-724-7075 or chat in before our 3:30pm CT cutoff. DNE requests made before our cutoff via email to our Trade Desk ( are processed on a best-efforts basis. Any requests made after 3:30pm CT will be processed on a best-efforts basis until 4:30pm CT. Failure to submit a DNE request before our cutoff time may result in ITM contract(s) being exercised automatically. To learn when options exercise automatically, please click here.

Please provide the symbol, call/put, expiration date, strike price, and the quantity you wish to request a DNE for when reaching out.

You can request a DNE request prior to market close; however, keep in mind that our automated risk system will close out of any positions that still have a bid in place. To prevent intervention by our risk team you may want to close your positions before the system does it for you automatically (last hour before expiration).