Time flies when your hearing dings (platform fill sounds), but now we have to make sense of all those dings by getting ready for tax season. If you’re a TradeLog user, then you’re in luck! Retrieving a CSV (spreadsheet) file to upload your trading activity is easy, but first, we need to get you set up with our clearing firm, Apex Clearing Corporation so that you can download your transactions.

Please Note: If you have more than one trading account then you’ll need to repeat the “Accessing Apex Online” instructions for each account. Or, after initially logging in, you may hover your cursor over the "Apex Online Menu," and click "Add Account."

There are TWO sections in this article: “Accessing Apex Online” and “Exporting CSV Data.” Please follow the illustrated step-by-step directions below.

Accessing Apex Online

  1. Head to Apex Clearing Corporation’s website (https://www.apexclearing.com/) or click here.
  2. Once you arrive at Apex Clearing Corporation’s website, please click the blue “Log In” button  in the top right-hand corner.
  3. After clicking “Log In” you will see a Log In area. Please click “Create User ID” on the bottom right-hand corner of the log in window.
  4. You’re now in the New User ID Setup portal at Apex Clearing Corporation. To proceed, click the “Next > >” button.