Tiered Opening Promotion 2023/2024

Offer Summary

New customers who open and fund a tastytrade account with $5,000 or more in cash or by an account transfer (ACATS) and enter MYNEWBONUS into their referral code field when initially registering with tastytrade will receive a cash bonus. The bonus amount is dependent on the initial funding amount. There is a 12-month withdrawal hold on the initial funding amount to retain the cash bonus. You can find each tier's funding threshold and resulting payout in the table below. 

Deposited Funds
Cash Bonus
$250,000 - $499,999$3,000
$500,000 - $999,999



User Eligibility

  • New customers only (as determined by Tax ID)
  • Must be at least 18 years old and a US Resident

Eligible Account Types

  • Individual (cash or margin)
  • Joint (cash or margin)
  • LLC, Partnerships, S-Corp, C-Corp (cash or margin) 
  • Trust Accounts
  • Autotrade-enabled accounts

Non-Eligible Account Types

  • International customers 
  • IRAs

IRA accounts are not eligible for promotional awards due to tax reasons.


Promotional Period

New US-based customers registering with tastytrade who open and fund an account with $5,000 or more from May 1st, 2023, to March 31st, 2024, with the referral code "MYNEWBONUS" are eligible. You must enter the code when registering with tastytrade in the trading account application. If you are a new customer and forgot to enter the referral code, please click here. Terms and Conditions are found here

When initially registering with tastytrade, you may enter MYNEWBONUS into the referral code field, as illustrated below:

How can I still participate if I forgot to enter the MYNEWBONUS referral code when applying?

If you did not enter a referral code when you initially applied to tastytrade and did not fund yet, then you can still enter MYNEWBONUS by logging in to your account at manage.tastytrade.com then scroll down to the Referral section. If you did not enter a referral code, then you can enter the MYNEWBONUS into the referral code field beneath the Generate Your Referral Link button, as illustrated below. For instructions, please click here. If you have already entered a referral code, please email support@tastytrade.com. 

Am I eligible for the tiered offer if I am already an existing tastytrade customer?

The tiered offer is only open to new tastytrade customers. Unfortunately, if you already have an open and funded tastytrade trading account, regardless of account type, then you are not eligible for this promotion. 

Can I stack or use multiple promotions?

This offer is valid in combination with any marketing partner code used. It cannot be applied on top of other TW initial funding offerings, such as the MYNEWBONUS award. However, If you already entered a referral code and did not fund your account yet, then please reach out to our support team at support@tastytrade.com.

Opened a tastytrade account before the offer, but never funded my account?

Customers that opened a tastytrade account before the Offer period (before September 1st, 2023) and never funded it may participate. Before funding, please enter MYNEWBONUS into the referral code field then reach out to support@tastytrade.com so that we can process your request. For instructions on entering a referral code, please click here. Only customers that do not have any existing and funded tastytrade accounts may participate.

Can I get the cash award if I am an existing customer and open a new trading account and make a $5,000+ deposit or account transfer?

This promotion is only open to new customers. New customers are determined by Tax ID (SSN), so if you already have an open and funded tastytrade account, then you will not be eligible for the cash award offer.

When will I see the awarded cash in my account?

Awarded cash generally gets delivered to an account 1-4 business days after the initial deposit settles. 

Will I receive a trade confirmation for my cash award?

Awarded cash does not generate a trade confirmation.

When can I withdraw my awarded cash?

The deposit ($5,000+ cash deposit or account transfer) plus the value of the awarded cash are required to remain in the account for a minimum of 12 months. As mentioned previously, any principal fluctuations due to trading will not preclude you from keeping the awarded position value after 12 months.

If my account drops below the funding requirement, will I become ineligible?

Principal fluctuations due to trading will not affect your eligibility to keep your awarded cash value. As long as you keep your original $5,000+ deposit in your account, then you will be able to keep your awarded cash.

Will I be penalized if my account drops below my funding amount?

Principal value fluctuations are not considered. As long as the initial $5,000 (or more) remains in the account for 12 months, then the awarded cash value will not be debited from your account.

What happens if I need to withdraw my deposit before the 12-month holding period end?

You are free to withdraw the deposit you made to your account. However, if the amount withdrawn no longer meets the minimum deposit requirements, then the value of the awarded stock position will be withheld from the withdrawal amount. 

Can I transfer the cash out of my account?

Not until the 12-month hold period has lapsed.

Can I transfer my awarded cash internally to a different tastytrade account?

Not until the 12-month hold period has lapsed. 

When does the 12-month hold period start?

The date starts the day the awarded cash is delivered to your account.