How to Create Apex Credentials (for TradeLog users)

TradeLog users must create Apex credentials to export transactional data to import into TradeLog. Below are the instructions on how to create Apex credentials so you can export your Activity. You can download the official instructions for creating user credentials from Apex by download the PDF attachment at the bottom of this article. However, if you're already registered with Apex and are looking for instructions on how to export your Activity from Apex, please click here.


Instructions to create an Apex username

To access Apex Online, you need to create user credentials

  1. Head to Apex Clearing Corporation's website ( or click here.
  2. Once you arrive at Apex Clearing Corporation's website, please click the login button in the top right-hand corner.
  3. After clicking the login icon you will see a login area. Please click Create User ID on the bottom right-hand corner of the login window.
  4. You're now in the New User ID Setup portal at Apex Clearing Corporation. To proceed, click the Next > > button.
  5. New User ID Setup: Step 1
    1. You'll first see a drop-down menu on the left and an Account Number field on the right. You'll need to change the Firm selected in the drop-down list.
    2. Select 10-Apex Clearing Corporation under the Firm drop-down list.

    3. Now, enter your tastyworks account number. Click the NEXT > > button after entering, located beneath the account number text field. If you do not know your account number and want to look it up, then please log in to your account at, or click here. Your account number is listed below Account Status. When entering your account number, please do not include any dashes, for example, 5WT00123.

  6. Now we're at Step 2 within the New User ID Setup. Enter your social security number (SSN) WITHOUT DASHES. If you are setting up an entity account, such as an LLC, then please enter the Tax ID Number (TIN).
    After entering your SSN or TIN (without dashes), please click the Next > > button, located under the text field.

  7. We're almost done. At Step 3, enter your e-mail address. then click Next > > to proceed.

  8. At Step 4, you'll need to select a Secret Question from the drop-down list as well as input an answer. Your "Secret Question" is similar to a security question. Once complete, press "Next > >" to move onto the last step.

  9. We've arrived at the last step: Step 5. Please create your Apex Online username and password. Please create a User ID (may be alphanumeric; minimum length of 6) and password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter, 1 digit, and 1 special character (e.g. !@#$%^&*~?). After entering your password and confirming it, please click the "Finish" button.

  10. You're all done! You may now use these credentials when logging into Apex Online, as illustrated in Step 1. Keep these credentials in a safe place so you don't forget it. Methods of safekeeping might be printing out this page, writing it down and putting it in a safe place, or tattoo it to your body.

    You may continue and sign in to Apex by clicking the "Click Here to Start Now" link.

  11. Now, use your newly created Apex Online credentials to log in. For instructions on how to export your Activity from Apex so you can import it into TradeLog, please click here.

  12. If you have more than one trading account then you may add additional accounts to your Apex username. After you create your Apex credentials, hover your cursor over the Apex Online Menu, and click Add Account.
  13. When entering any additional account your account, please enter 10- before your account number, for example, 10-5CT12345.