How do I set the default price for single-leg option or stock orders?

Some of us like to haggle, and some of us don’t. Either way, we’re trying to get an order fill. If you’re somebody who doesn’t like to play the “mid-price game” and want your default price for stocks or single-leg options to be the natural price (nat), then you can change that in the Settings menu of each trading platform. However, when placing any multi-leg options order, selecting the nat as your default price is not available. As a result, the platform will default to the mid-price (limit order).

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Desktop Platform

Once logged in, proceed to the Settings menu, which can be accessed by clicking the gear icon .

Web-browser Platform

Mobile Platform

Tap the account in the top left corner of the app. The accounts detail menu will slide out from the left. Tap on Settings. From the settings menu you can set the single legged order default price, as illustrated below.